Company Profile

Introduction to Razi Glass Group

Razi Glass is a leading supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging for the food and beverages as well as varieties of pharmaceutical glasses. Razi Glass has over 20 years’ experience, a network of high-quality manufacturers, and a team dedicated to thrilling service. Our company offers more than 500 custom-designed products beside popular standard items mainly to local market customers and some foreign countries. 


Expertise in Pharmaceutical Glass

A large number of pharmaceutical formulations have been packaged using glass containers and they are usually the first choice of packaging materials. Our team possess advanced manufacturing technology and expertise in our field. Our product range covers various containers used for the storage and use of medicines, and other pharmaceutical preparations.


Expertise in Packaging Glass

We developed the production technology from Blow & Blow to Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) in early 2005, which makes us the first manufacturer of NNPB Products in Iran. Our team NNPB Technology reduced our bottles weight up to 35 percent that is one of our main achievements during the past years.

Customer Orientation

Printing Machine & Dedicated design 

We strive to care for and to meet the needs of our customers with enthusiasm. For this purpose, Takestan equipped by Printing Machine by end of the year 2017. The New Machinery enables us to make four color print on single and returnable bottles according to our valuable customers' needs. Our designers and engineers can quickly develop new packaging for a specific brand, and we are always adding to our wide library of custom products that make it easy to stand out on the shelf.