Takestan Packaging Glass

A leader in NNPB glass bottle manufacturer

Takestan Packaging Glass is one of Iran's leading manufacturers of packaging glass aimed at serving both the national and international food markets. The use of state of the art technologies in glass production has given the Takestan Glass  an edge in the Iranian market by offering superior products that equal or better foreign imports. Driving down the costs of production, including labor and energy, has given Takestan Glass an edge in the international marketplace by offering competitively priced high quality products.


Date of Establishment :     1997

Place of Registration :  Takestan

Subject of Activity :   Packaging Glass

Date of Utilization : 2001

Furnace :    120 Tons/Day

Production Capacity : 35,000 Tons/Y



in 2005 Takestan Glass aimed to convert the production technology from Blow & Blow to Narrow neck press & blow (NNPB). it made Takestan Glass the first producer of NNPB products in IRAN.
By improving the production quality we reduced the weight of bottles up to 35%. 


Printing Machine

to cover all needs of the customers, in 2017 the company was equipped with printing machine and able to make a 4 color print on single use and returnable bottles according to the customers need.