A leader in Glass RECYCLING in IRAN

The Razi Glass Group is one of Iran's leading manufacturers of packaging and pharmaceutical glass aimed at serving both the national and international food and drug markets. The use of state of the art technologies in glass production has given the Razi Glass Group an edge in the Iranian market by offering superior products that equal or better foreign imports. Driving down the costs of production, including labor and energy, has given the Razi Glass Group an edge in the international marketplace by offering competitively priced high quality products.


Glass waste should be separated by chemical composition, and then, depending on the end use and local processing capabilities, might also have to be separated into different colors. 

Recycling into glass containers

When glass is used for new container manufacturing, it is virtually infinitely recyclable. The processing and use of recycled glass in manufacturing conserves raw materials, and reduces energy consumption. That which is not recycled, but crushed, reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills.

KRS Germany

A fully automated glass recycling plant designed by KRS Germany. The plant can recycle up tp 250 tons /day.