A leader in Glass RECYCLING in IRAN

The conversion of internal waste into re-meltable cullet; our recycling plants as Iran’s pioneer recycling site is designed for this task. This is our contribution to the protection of the environment and the reclamation of energy and raw materials.

Glass Recycling Technology

250 Tones/day

Glass does not degrade through the recycling process, so it can be recycled again and again.

Our Glass Recycling Plant equipped by German machineries of KRS with the capacity to recycle 250 Tones/day. 


Glass Waste Composition

Glass waste should be separated by chemical composition and depending on the end use and local processing capabilities, might have to be separated into different colors. 
While Glass uses for new container manufacturing, it is virtually infinitely recyclable.


Energy Consumption

The processing and use of recycled glass in manufacturing conserves raw materials, and reduces energy consumption. That which is not recycled, but crushed, reduces the volume of waste send to landfills.

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