Razi Pharmaceutical Glass

A Leader in Pharma Glass Manufacturing in Iran

Razi Pharmaceutical Glass is one of Iran's leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical glass aimed at serving to both National and International Pharmaceutical Market.
Based on state-of-the-art production technology and a highly qualified team, Razi Glass can ensure the consistently high-level products in the Iranian market.
In the meantime, driving down production costs such as labor and energy gives Razi Glass an edge in International Marketplace by competitive prices as well as high-quality products.

Local Market

30’000 Tons/year

The factory is located in an Industrial area zone in Takestan City in Iran. Razi Pharmaceutical Glass with furnace capacity of 90 Tons/day and Production capacity of 30’000 Tons/year produces pharmaceutical bottles of type III to exclusively fulfill the local market needs and leaded to stop importing any pharmaceutical bottles to the area.


Pharmaceutical products

Razi Glass supplies a wide range of Pharmaceutical products including Syrups and customized Syrup, Dropper, Tablets and Vials glasses. We are proud to underline that our products also export to many foreign countries.    

Clean Room

GMP Standard

Since the clean-room was reconstructed, we acquired GMP as the highest standard of production in pharma from Food and Drug Administration.