Behin Pooyan Sanat

A leader in Glass Mold manufacture

The factory is established in 2002 as our mould manufacturing company. Behin Pooyan Sanat is serving the high quality products to Razi and Takestan Glasses as well as local market. It is necessary to mention that Behin Pooyan is one of the main Mould Manufacturers in Iran.

Local Market

Mold Manufacturing

The factory is located in an Industrial area zone in Karaj City and pretty close to Razi Pharmaceutical Glass. We, as one of the main Mould Manufacturers in Iran, are manufacturing high quality mould products to Razi and Takestan Glasses as well as local market.

Mold Products


Behin Pooyan Sanat has built up its fame in a series of glass mould products which include the moulds for various glass bottles, jars, glassware, glass appliances, lamps and lanterns of automobile, motorbike and other lightings. Also customized glass moulds can be designed according to clients’ requirements. Our company is dedicated to introduce new instruments and technologies to optimize the varieties and the quality of our products, such as the Numerically Controlled Production Center (NCPC). 

Team Work

High quality of products

Moreover, we have established a professional, knowledgeable and responsible team through a comprehensive training system and by attracting the high-tech talents. The ultimate aim is to ensure the high quality of our products and to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. 

Office : 166, 6th Goleastan, Baharestan Industrial Park, Kamalshahr, 3197935551 Karaj, IRAN
Tel: +98 26 34760124 -5
Mobile: +98 912 840 1574