History of Razi Group

From 1993 to date

Razi Glass Group was founded in Takestan City in Iran on 1993 as a family-owned source for manufacturing packaging and Pharmaceutical Glass. Our rich heritage and a tradition of excellence made us proud to stay. Today, as we continue the Razi Glass Group commitment to a tradition of excellence, we are proud to offer unique and exceptional quality as well as being Iran's leading manufacturers in Packaging and Pharmaceutical Glass. 


Glorious Revolution

2000. We started manufacturing both Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage products in Takestan Plant as an expanded site of Razi Glass. Our technical team is very well qualified to produce a variety of Beer bottles in three different colors, flint, amber, and green as well as different kinds of Beverages and Food bottles.
2002. Our Mould Manufacturing Company, Behin Pooyan Sanat, founded to serve high-quality products to Razi and Takestan Glasses as well as local market. It is necessary to mention that Behin Pooyan is one of the main Mould Manufacturers in Iran. 


Development and Renovation

2005. We developed the production technology in Packaging Glass from Blow & Blow to Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) that makes us the first manufacturer of NNPB Products in Iran. NNPB Technology reduced our bottles weight up to 35 percent that is one of our main achievements during the past years. 

2016. After 25 years Production, our Pharma production lines renewed completely, whole machineries and clean room reconstructed. In addition, the production capacity increased to 25,000 Tons/Y all dedicated to Pharma Glass production.  


Glass Recycling Plant 

Early 2017. We launched a Glass Recycling Plant as a pioneer in Iran. KRS machineries equip the plant as a German supplier. Glass waste separates by chemical composition and depending on the end use and local processing capabilities might have to be separated into different colors. And the story continues …